Barry Rosen

Barry Rosen
Partner & Chief Integration Officer, Communica

Barry has launched successful sales and marketing integration programs at business-to-business companies for over 30 years. In 2003 he founded The Pursuit Group, an innovative content marketing and funnel management firm, to help growth-oriented businesses successfully navigate changing buyer needs and behaviors. The Pursuit Group and Communica merged in 2016 to provide an important new range of services to their clients.

Barry helps companies build more effective demand generation and customer engagement processes, accelerate sales cycles and improve customer acquisition, retention and growth rates. He has worked with companies in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, insurance and other high-ticket, complex sales industries, where he has created and honed sales cycle communication strategies fueled by new marketing technologies to drive measurable performance. Beyond Communica, his achievements include co-founding a category-leading healthcare technology company and a successful regional advertising agency that grew to one of the top 500 agencies in the United States. His experience includes a relationship with Peppers and Rogers Group, the internationally-renowned consulting firm that spirited the transformation of business from mass-to one-to-one marketing.

Barry is chairman of the Advisory Board to the Marketing Department at The University of Toledo’s College of Business and Innovation. He is the author of more than 100 articles on marketing and sales issues and is a frequent contributor to leading marketing and sales publications. He holds degrees in marketing and communication from Bowling Green State University.


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