Ken Acer

Ken Acer
President, Global Launch, LLC

Ken Acer founded Global Launch, LLC to help hi-tech companies achieve accelerated sales growth. He provides companies with marketing resources, for either a fresh perspective on an existing market or a different direction for new opportunities.

A Cornell chemical engineer, Ken's first jobs were in technical sales and marketing positions. After getting his MBA from the Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon, he joined MSA's international operations team.

Ken started his international career as P&L manager of Africa and the Middle East companies as well as distributor manager for US exports to Europe and Russia. He later became Director of International Marketing and created a team of 55 marketers from zero, developing the people, tools, and processes to create a professional marketing team.

Since starting Global Launch, Ken has expanded his scope from industrial marketing to include medical equipment sales and nanotechnology.

Ken loves the challenge of differentiating technical solutions and motivating customers whether that means making board room presentations or wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots to understand on-site customer applications.


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